Regular Nutrition Programs

My regular ongoing programs designed to help you meet your nutritional needs.

Customized Nutritional Coaching Program


  • 60 min initial consultation - this will be to discuss goals, health concerns, history and to provide you with forms to complete to do your assessment 
  • 2nd meeting (1 hours) to discuss your full nutritional program, dietary and supplement recommendations and lifestyle changes 
  • Customized 5-day meal plan with corresponding recipes.


Monthly Nutrition Support

(after your first month program)


  • 24 hour support via text & email
  • Weekly meetings (20 mins)-these will include weigh-ins & measurements if you're on a weight loss or weight gain program
  • Accountability and motivation to stay on track
  • Continuous recipes and meal ideas
  • Access to the private Facebook support page.

($100/month after 3 months)


Renew My Health

(option to continue after 4 weeks)


This 4 week program is designed to help you get your nutrition back on track, lose weight and feel your best. This program is built to help the whole family learn about nutrition. You will enjoy real food, learn how to make your favorite foods healthier and make this a new lifestyle. Includes different weekly meal plans, new recipes each week, 24-hour support, access to the private Facebook support page and weekly in-office meetings.


5-Day Food Diary Assessment


This will provide you with a break-down of how many calories you're consuming. the amount of each mineral and micro-nutrient. As well as, a breakdown of your micro-nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


5-Day Meal Plans


5 days' worth of customized menu planning to meet your macro nutrient values & your nutrition goals.


Sugar Detox Program

$275 (28 days)

Includes all meal plans, corresponding recipes, 24-hour support, access to the private Facebook support page and weekly in-office meetings. This is a great program to lose weight, regain health, reduce your sugar intake and create new healthy eating habits. Its family friendly and easy to follow.


60-minute Consultation


If you have any questions about your eating habits or are unsure where you want to start this is a good session to attend. This can also be used for anyone needing help with macro-nutrient calculations or food ideas.

(30 minutes for $40)


15-Day Full Body Cleanse

plus herbal supplements


A full body cleanse is meant to support every system in the body and help it clean out toxins and debris. With this cleanse program, you will be provided with a 1S-day menu plan (recipes included) that will help detoxify and neutralize your body using whole foods. Your body will start a cleanse process using whole foods and natural herbs to cleanse through 7 channels of eliminate: the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system. This type of cleanse is a very gentle and will help you regain energy. break old habits, help with body aches and pains, rid the body of candida, help improve skin, improve digestion, and lose unwanted weight.


SHRED Program

plus herbal supplements

$275 (28 days)

This program is designed to help you shred some extra pounds and help you feel your best. The first week is a rapid cleanse followed by 2 weeks of carb cycling and the 4th week being a balanced meal plan on how to eat going forward. Each week a new menu plan is provided with recipes, daily support and nutrition guidance.


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Holistic Nutrition Consultant

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