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28 Day Creating a Healthy You - Winter Challenge


SOLD OUT - Sorry the 28 Day Creating a Healthy You Challenge is sold out.  


Program Information


Weigh in’s:  done from scale at home.  You send in a picture of your feet on your scale at the end of each week.


New Menu Plans: will be emailed to you Saturday morning by 9am with a full grocery list.  The menu plan that is emailed to you is the one that you will start on the following Monday.  There will be a total of 4 different 4-day menu plans sent to you over the 4 weeks.  Each menu plan will have a variety of foods and meals to choose from and each week I change it up.


Allergies or dislikes:  the program is gluten free (or gluten free substitutes) and can easily be made dairy free.  I give you a list of foods that you can swap with.  For example if you don’t like cucumbers you can have a different vegetable.


Facebook: the Facebook group is a private group that only members can see who belong to the group and see the group posts.  I will answer questions on the site as well as post daily motivation.  This site is a very positive support group for everyone to benefit from. The week before the challenge starts you will receive an email on how to join the group.


What results will I see:  If you follow program 100%, drink your water and put in the dedication, your results will show.  You can lose anywhere from 5-25 lbs depending on how much extra body weight you are carrying & how committed you are.  Weight loss is hard and you need to dedicate time to food prep.  We focus on creating overall health and feeling your best.


Food Prep:  all of your groceries can be purchased at the local grocery stores.  I give you step by step recipes and a detailed menu plan. All you have to do is follow the plan and your results will show.  Plan to do about ½ hour each day for food prep.


Exercise:  80% is your diet and 20% is your exercise.  It is recommended that you exercise 30 minutes every day to help with burning body fat and for overall heart health.  If you already workout more than 30 minutes per day we can adjust your calorie intake to ensure you are getting enough calories for your body to build muscle but still burn body fat.  Your 30 minutes of exercise can be walking, running, biking or weights. 


Prizes:  there will be prizes awarded for a variety of different categories: the highest percentage of body weight lost, most exercise, being the most active and supportive on the Facebook page and most inches lost.  The prize list will be emailed out with your program.


Qualifications: I know that it can be hard to choose the right weight loss and health program as there are so many different diets out on the market.  I don’t call my programs diets because they are a lifestyle change using whole foods.  There are no magic pills, no hidden costs, no multilevel marketing just a balanced way of eating.  Nutrition comes down to a science and it is not the same for everyone.  When you do these challenges I do put everyone on the same program and calories, and run it as a group, making the cost low but this isn’t how all my programs work.  I don’t believe in eliminating any food groups such as carbs but do believe in finding balance and moderation.  I have a two-year Certification in Holistic Nutrition through Bauman College in Boulder, Colorado.  I’ve been a massage therapist for 18 years and have always worked in the natural health field.  I absolutely love to cook and wanted to help others find health through how they cook and prepare their foods.  Healthy foods do taste good!

Contact Me

Michelle Lentz - RMT, NC
Holistic Nutrition Consultant

To book an in office appointment call Vantage Physiotherapy at 403-790-2229

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